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I am Prajjwal Dimri

Full-Stack Developer, Designer & Totally not a robot!

Some of my works.

Here are some of the projects I am working on. You can find my other projects on my Github profile.

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Potential Doodle
A racing game in which the tracks are generated procedurally. Built with Unity3D.
GitIt Logo
GitIt is a cross-platform application for Github. It works on Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and Android Devices.
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.NET library to access Genius API @ (
GitIt Logo
BeFriend notifies user's contacts immediately in case of any harmful events occurring to the user. The calls and SMS were sent without the need of user's intervention.
10Calc Logo
10Calc was created due to the very basic existing calculator on Windows Phone 8. It featured multiple types of calculators with adjustable degree of accuracy and much more.
10Calc Logo
Devbhoomi Trekkers
A website for the Devbhoomi Trekkers in Uttarakhand.

About Me

A cheeky photo of myself

My name is Prajjwal Dimri and I am a Full-Stack Web Developer and Universal Windows Platform Developer.

I use NodeJS, VueJS, UWP, Sass, Pug, Gulp, Webpack.... to build awesome applications and websites!

Apart from this I also have a huge interest in Video Games (playing and developing), Table-Tennis, Science Fiction Novels and TV-Shows and travelling to far away places.

If any of these things line up with your interests drop me a message. You can find ways to contact me in the Contacts Section

Also check out the Projects Section on this website to learn more about my work.

For the developers: This website is built completely using SASS and JS. The source code is available @ Gitlab


Contact Me

Besides this website I can be found lurking at various different corners of the Internet.